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Below you will find some of the feedback from our China tours clients who travelled with us in 2010. On request we can put you in touch with past clients to discuss their experience of our services.



Andrew Gregory: China Tailor Made - December 2010

"I was a little worried at first travelling alone, but soon realized everything was 100% perfect. Very helpful team, lots of information. For the transfer I had good, clean vehicles, friendly drivers. Always parked as close as possible to entrances and exits to Train stations and so on, which made it easy to carry luggage to and from. Good english speaking guides, good knowledge of their individual cities, very friendly and caring - some I have still contact with and built great friendship's with. The hotels were all excellent choices in terms of location and comfort. Will definitely book again with friends, hopefully this year. loved every minute of it."

Jamie Webb: SG-01 China Express - December 2010

"I Can't praise the guides enough. I've made some great new friends in Wu and Crystal! I learned so much and felt very lucky that my short stay was handled so professionally. My guide in Xian was even kind enough to take me to karaoke after the actual tour which is quite popular over there apparently and understandably hilarious! I really felt like I got to see the major highlights of China and the tours were the main reason for this.

Despite travelling alone, I would have to say that this was my single most favourite time abroad. I saw some breathtaking things and fully immersed myself in the experience. I never would have been able to arrange it all on my own, even know what to visit and spend the time I had in the right way. I'm so thankful! I can't wait to go back and would never dream of not using this website in which to book a return trip."

David Shelmerdine - SG-02 China Essentials - November 2010

"Although, my traveling partner did all liaising I observed that all queries sent via e-mail were responded to with great haste and the information conveyed answered all questions. Some of the best customer serviced we have experienced.

The guides met us promptly at the airport and all train stations, clearly holding signs with our names and with waiting vehicles to transfer us to the hotel. No problems at all! All the guides were very pleasant and happy to take into account if we wanted to vary the days activities. All spoke very good English and had good knowledge of the area and places we visited.

By the time we had returned I had read the Trip Guide book your gave us from cover to cover (it was my bible), reading all the information about the next place we were to visit the night before. The 'where to eat' section about each place was very useful. This book brought a lot of joy and went hand in hand with the trip perfectly.

For us the trip was perfect and gave a great balance of free time with a couple of organised tours and travel on the trains was up to us to get ourselves there. I thought the trip was fantastic, some great food (Chinese is much tastier than Cantonese), and China as a place is so much different from I had imagined, a very pleasant place to go with very nice people."

Nuria Garcia-Ines and Family: Tailored FT-01 Family Tour - November 2010

"We did lots in 9 days, we also enjoyed the shows, and we had a great time.

I thought the service you provided was the best I have experienced from a travel agent.

You managed to do everything with a very short notice, and it was great."

Angela and Dave Andrews: China Tailor Made - October 2010

"Chris was very helpful with my many phone calls and emails. I had not done much research on China but was happy to tell chris the areas we wanted to go to and felt confident from his experience he would "sort the rest"

Wherever we went, airport or train station, there was always our names on a board being held by our guide which was always very reassuring.

The hotels you selected were all absolutely great the best was BuddhaZen in chengdu, seemed more to us like a 4*+ really peaceful, best lookout was Bell tower in Xian. Most surprising YMCA in Hong Kong absolutely brill again like a 4*+. Great location as were all the hotels we went to.

The Trip guidebook was very helpful we were very impressed as were any guides that looked at it. It included just about everything we needed to know it was like our little bible.

We felt it was a fantastic trip, we did at some time during it feel we had tried to do too much as traveling was very tiring, saying this we slept very well on the long train journeys we did. Once we got to the more rural Guilin and Yangshou however we totally relaxed, got bikes out and went for long leisurely walks and just felt like we were so lucky to be able to be in such a brilliant place. Cities are always busy places we know!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS, WE WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU TO EVERYONE WE KNOW!"

Geoffrey Wilson: China Tailor Made - October 2010

"So glad I found your company. Exactly what I was looking for and would have got hopelessly "lost" without much of the advice or guides. Thank you so much."

Chris Ward: China Photography trip - October 2010

"We had a truly wonderful time and are 100% committed to visit China again. No problems with weather - in fact in Beijing we got 4 days of glorious clear blue skies which made the Wall visit truly unbelievable. We had no problems anywhere at all which is a very good sign the holiday was well organised so thanks for that - we've already been recommending you."

Stephen Irecki & Family: SG-02 China Essentials - September 2010

"The trip was very well organised and we would definitely recommend The China Travel Company to others.

The whole family thought it was a very successful trip so thank you again for putting it all together.

The two weeks went way too fast though! ;-)
Thanks again for all your work."

Anthony & Fiona Collins: China Tailor Made - September 2010

"An unforgettable holiday. Well done and thank you. All the transfers went without a hitch. Always met on time and safely delivered to the airports and stations. Our guides took great care to watch over us and always took great care to ensure that we did not trip on unguarded edges etc.

Our trip was to see the main tourist spots in China and to trace my wife's great uncles grave in Shenyang (he was a medical missionary and died out in Shenyang in 1910 one hundred years ago). We think we found the area."

Lesley Evans: China Tailor Made - September 2010

"Thank your to all your excellent organisation I had a perfect holiday, with no technical hitches, and I shall be recommending your services to all my friends whenever possible. It's spoiled me for any other type of travel. The personal service and high level of satisfactory organisation were great. Travelling on one's own is an enormous leap of faith, especially in a country where the language is difficult to learn, but I had no hesitation in taking this trip as it was so efficiently organised beforehand. I was very impressed with my personal tour booklet and all the information it contained. I almost had nothing else to do in preparation for my trip.

In another life I'm a mystery shopper and you should be proud of your organisation if a few meals is all I can find to criticize on a two week tour. Everybody got the basics right every time, most did the basics brilliantly and some, particularly Wu in Beijing, provided some wow moments that made my trip especially memorable.  He was such a gentleman, eager for me to know that both he and driver were professional guides, explained it was his duty to show me the best that China could offer and nothing which I asked for was too much.  He really took care of me, offered me an arm on steps and rough places and generally made me feel cared for.  I cannot praise him enough."

Angela & Steven Allard: China Tailor Made - September 2010

"You were extremely accommodating including providing advice to ensure we arranged the bespoke trip we wanted. All guides and drivers there to meet us upon arrival. Chengdu guide Tracey had had to wait 2-3 hours due to the train delay but this was not a problem. We found the tailor made trip met our needs to a very high standard at a good price and thank you for the hotel and day trip recommendations. For a country that is particularly challenging to navigate we really appreciate the support in establishing the itinerary and the invaluable Trip Guidebook you gave us.

We had a great time and a real China experience and feel it was certainly the right way to see the country."

Claudine Weiher: Beijing to Kathmandu - September 2010

"A wonderful trip and many praises are due. Your company did an outstanding job for us.
The night at Everest? Unforgettable. When we arrived, the mountain was all clouded up and we were rather down and disappointed. After all, we had come half way around the world to view this mountain.  At midnight the clouds had begun to disperse and you could begin to see the crest..  At about 6:00 AM one of the drivers excitedly motioned to us with his camera, pointing out the door of the tent, and there was Everest in full and clear glory! No one should miss the tent experience.
I will be thinking about it in the old age home. Thanks again for planning a wonderful trip."

Pauline Dunn & family: China Family Tour - August 2010

"We're back home and settled in now. Thanks for helping to organise a great trip - we'll definitely visit China again, although after about 1.3 billion photos, the kids might take a few more years before they'll allow anyone to ever take their photos again...! Emmanuelle has since decided that she has no desire to be Hannah Montana, and Sebastian no longer wants to be a professional footballer, so it's good to sort out those things early on! It's a shame that only 7 of the 8 porcelain paintings survived the last flight after having endured 5 internal flights but then I probably wasn't expecting any to make it. And I'll definitely value those 7 all the more for having lugged it across China for 2 1/2 weeks!
You're welcome to use any comments on your website and we've recommended you to Steve's parents."

Tim & Juliana Hughes: Silk Road & Tibet - August 2010

"I got back home rather late last night and am still getting sorted out but just I want to say a very big ‘Thank You’ for all your help and support in the planning and arranging, and then throughout our trip. We were very impressed with the itinerary and loved the places we visited, it really did live up to our expectations and we always felt in very good hands with The China Travel Company. We have many great memories (and I hope some great photos) of our travels. We certainly had a few laughs, met some lovely people, saw some amazing sights, travelled a lot of miles, learned a few new words, and tasted a multitude of new tastes (some we would prefer to forget!!!) We enjoyed the trip enormously and want to thank you for all the help you gave us in planning and executing it.

Would we use the ‘The China Travel Company’ again, Certainly!! Would we recommend to others, Absolutely!! We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, we thought it was well priced and well planned. Many thanks to all those who helped make it a memorable experience."

Julia Sandelson & Rosie Chester: China Tailor Made - August 2010

"Thank you, you went out of his way to provide extra information for us. We were always met at airports, stations and hotels on time by guides and drivers.

We found your guidebook extremely helpful and useful. We read all the history and information on each place the night before we went there which helped particularly when the guide did not speak good English! We used the section on restaurants etc., we used the section on vocabulary translation and liked the various warnings and hints supplied in it. The book helped us feel as though we had some control and structure over each day as well.

We rate the trip as 'very good'. We learnt so much about the country, history, politics, social structure etc. which really stimulated us. It was extremely well and efficiently organised and enabled us to have some experience of China and its people.

Without the sort of security of your organisation of the trip it was not the sort of trip we would have been able to make ourselves or indeed may not have made at all and generally we felt we covered huge areas of China in a short period of time that would have been impossible had we been travelling independently. Thank you for making it so worthwhile.

We have already recommended you to some friends and other people."

Jenny Muirhead & family: China Tailor Made - August 2010

"We think that the you provided an exceptionally high level of service and we would definitely recommend you to anyone planning a trip such as ours. It has given us a taste for where we will return to and explore further.

Particularly ADORED the trains (isn't Shanghai train station amazing....) and will spend much more time next time using this transportation method of travelling though China.

Thank you for the extremely prompt response to any of our questions/suggestions and the strong personalized flavour- e.g. helping with the mandarin translations to assist in explaining our son's allergies- hugely appreciated."

Patrick Jenkins, Laura Strong and Sukie: China Family Tour - August 2010

"Everything was perfectly organised, everything we asked for and mentioned was taken into account. All transfers were extremely smooth, no problems at all. On one transfer - from Chengdu to Guilin - our Guilin guide (Macy) and driver waited till 1am (four hours later than scheduled arrival) to meet us!
All guides were really friendly, helpful and left us to ourselves enough of the time to do our own thing.

The hotels were a lovely mix of Chinese character hotels (we loved the BuddhaZen in Chengdu) and modern international style.

The tours were fab - really interesting and well-organised, and guides did well in accommodating our wishes. The way the trip was organised made the whole holiday much easier - and therefore much more enjoyable - than we could ever have hoped! It was the trip of a lifetime and The China Travel Company really made it the best possible holiday. Thank you!"

Jackie Hopfinger: China Tibet Tailor Made - August 2010

"All the hotels were good, clean, air con, pleasant. I personally liked the hotel in Lhasa because it was more traditional. We saw so much, I loved all of it. Lobsang, our guide in Tibet was great, he was really helpful, good knowledge, great fun, adaptable and we very much enjoyed spending time with him. Caddie, our guide in Xian, was fantastic, her English was brilliant, her knowledge was superb and she is a lovely person.

I loved the trip, we saw so many fantastic places, I thought the Chinese people were lovely and friendly and helpful and proud of their cities and culture. My favourite was Tibet but I have wanted to see the Potala Palace for years. We had fun with the guides and also on our free days. One of my best holidays, so thank you so much."

Susan Harris & family: Self-guided Adventure China Essentials - August 2010

"All the guides were excellent but in different ways. All were well informed and went with our pace. We were just blown away by the Forbidden city, the Summer Palace, well, all the things we saw - the craftsmanship was just unbelievable … We had just about the right number of tours to rest days.
We loved receiving our own personalised book - it is now very dogeared as it had a lot of use! The info it contained about sights to see, restaurants and for us the shopping tips were tremendously helpful.
It really was a trip of a lifetime and you made all that possible so thank you for creating the itinerary especially for us just making it so easy!"

Brian Foglia: Self-guided Adventure China Essentials - July 2010

"Booking with you was as easy as could be. The trip was magnificent. It was the single greatest experience of our lives. Everything about the trip ran smoothly. The guides were smart and helpful, and always on top of things. All of the guides maintained admirable professionalism and commitment despite the sweltering heat and humidity. Mike and I could sometimes fire off a thousand questions a minute and the guides were very patient, curious, and helpful. We traveled to China to experience a foreign culture and we learned more than we ever imagined we could.

Thanks for all your hard work. You'll definitely get my recommendation if anyone I know expresses interest in traveling to China. Thanks!"

Katie Beharrell: China Tailor Made - July 2010

"The China trip was an incredible journey, and I can’t thank you enough for organising especially with such short notice.
Jessica, the guide in Guilin and Yangshou was incredible and went beyond the call of duty  - organising an evening photoshoot with a Cormorant fisherman,  hiring a tandem bicycle so I could sit on the back taking photos as we weaved through Yangshou’s town and lotus field strewn countryside – no mean feat in the heat and traffic, and a trip to the Dragon’s Backbone rice  terraces – she was also kind enough to refuse to leave until she’d put me on the train, 9pm on a Saturday night, which was a great help. The landscape was breathtaking, the people were amazing and I’m looking forward to returning."

Rachel Diston: China Tailor Made - June 2010

"Our trip was amazing! Thank you very much indeed for your part in it!

All the guides met us perfectly either on the platform - or more usually at the exit of the station (at the ticket barrier). All the guides were very easy to find and all had a clear sign with our name on it - and it was even spelt correctly - something many English people struggle to get right! An extremely well organised trip - with every transfer and ticket delivered efficiently and on time.
I have already recommended you to others who may wish to travel to China. I will definitely use you to book our hotels and trains again when I next go. It saved me a lot ! of hassle and time - leaving me free to enjoy China.
But goodness me how things have changed in China since 1982!  I knew they had but actually seeing it for myself was something else.  My old stamping grounds in Shanghai were almost unrecognisable - indeed we walked right past where i used to live in Jiaotong University before I eventually recognised it.  The campus had not changed hugely - a few high rise blocks have been built and the statue of Chairman Mao in the centre of the green has been replaced by a weird obelisk (a significant change).  I even found my old room on the campus that I used to live in - now an office.

Thanks again for all your help in putting this trip together - it was brilliant"

Vania Braha: China Tailor Made - June 2010          

"Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip! It was great to be met at the airports and train stations by polite and knowledgeable English speakers.

The guides were very good particularly Amy in Guilin!
China is a beautiful country. There is lots to see. The three weeks just flew by! It was once in a life time trip! Well, not everyday our son gets married in China! The wedding was unbelievable! Thanks again."

Alexandra Robinson: China Tailor Made - June 2010

"The whole trip was great. We had such limited time in each place that it really helped having someone pick us up and drop us off everywhere otherwise I think we would have wasted a lot of time with this. The Guides were excellent. We had Sally in Xian who really was fantastic and very informative. Jim in Chengdu was lovely. His english wasn't as good but he was charming and loved his pandas!!
Again thank you so much for everything. I will definitely be recommending you to any of my friends who are thinking to explore China. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it all thank you so much for all your help."

Parmjit & Charanjit Jagait: China Tailor Made - June 2010

Parmjit: "I had very limited time to organise the trip and needed someone who could do all the work for me, which is what you did! The whole booking process was made so easy. Chris was so helpful and prompt with getting back to us and accommodated all our requirements in a very helpful manner. He made the whole process easy and pain free which is exactly what I needed! It was so good that the transfers were organized for us! We encountered no problems and were surprised that no matter how short or long the journey, you got fed! We enjoyed all our day tours. Again the Guides were all very friendly and enthusiastic.
Overall we had an excellent trip and The China Travel Company made the whole process so easy. Our trip was problem free and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We love the personalised guidebook that we received. Thank you."

Charanjit: "I have not had the chance to complete the online form yet, but I too would like to add that the trip was indeed very well organized and a real relief for me personally after working on the World Congress of Cardiology in Beijing, I did not want to think about logistics and planning so it was so nice to sit back and relax and have the work done for me. We were very impressed and grateful for your prompt service and you made our lives so easy, which is always a good thing :O) I have to admit I did not want to sing your praises until the visit was over to see if our first impressions of you were actually reflected in the delivery and we certainly were not disappointed and you proved a born skeptic wrong! I have already mentioned to friends and colleagues if ever they plan to go back to China then I definitely know of a great agency to help them. That’s all for now but thanks once again for what could have been a nightmare but ended up working like a dream."

Megan Hudson: China Essentials - May 2010

"This trip was incredible from start to finish. Your company does a meticulous job, and that we greatly appreciated. Every detail of the trip had attention payed to it, and the ease of it all made it that much more enjoyable. We felt like we got to spend just the right amount of time in each location, and feel like we got to see even more then we had expected. Traveling by sleeper train was a perfect way to see China. It really made us feel like we were able to maximize the time we had in China. The guides all went above and beyond. All of them were very knowledgeable, attentive, and welcoming. It was such a great experience, and we are so glad we booked a trip through you guys. We all sing your praises and will continue to pass the word around that you guys are the company to go through!"

Mita Solanky: Tailor Made China - May 2010

"Chris was very helpful in helping me organise my itinerary, always prompt and helpful, fantastic service. The transfer cars and drivers were all great. The transfer guides were always pleasant and helpful and all had very good english and answered any questions I had about the place and helped out when i needed anything, from finding vegetarian food, to picking up climbing books in Yangshuo for me. The hotels were all of a very good standard and all the hotels provided had excellent locations. Thanks again for helping me organise an amazing trip."

Priscilla Dawson: Tailored China Essentials - May 2010

"All the personal help during booking was very good, all questions answered fully and promptly, very friendly and efficient communication. The tour guidebook was really brilliant and really helpful. Everything went really smoothly and we always felt really well looked after.

All guides were brilliant. Bruce in Xian was particularly good as he had to help us with an emergency hospital visit, and then he re-arranged our itinerary so we could still keep all elements of the tour in, even though it meant he had to give up a day of his own time. We really appreciated that. Please pass on our high compliments about all our guides.

Drivers were great, everything went as planned, everything just perfect. Guides really helpful, friendly and informative. All locations were thoroughly explored.

This is the best holiday I have ever had - and I'm quite a traveller! The company's bespoke planning included the perfect blend of 'hands-on' and 'hands-off' to maximise the ideal balance of comfort and adventure. We were treated as individuals at all times, and never felt part of a herd or like 'wallets on legs' as can often happen on a poor holiday. All in all a wonderful experience from start to finish."

Maggie Lockett: Tailor Made China - May 2010

"My daughter organised the whole thing and she said she was very happy about the way alterations and suggestions were made. An intelligent and thoughtful approach was evident in all aspects of the programme planning. We would not have changed any of the programme. For first time visitors we had a full and broad taste of China and the culture/history. Also the horticultural and garden emphasis was well met. The advice re loo paper and taking a lidded cup was very apt and should be stressed to others. Having hot water for tea everywhere on tap was brilliant, and we soon invested in our own tea bottles!The local guides were very precise in timings and ensuring we met our deadlines.

This was a really special trip for me, given as a birthday present. your organisation is brilliant - I particularly love the personalised guide book with its very thoughtful and practical details and advice. I have told everyone I've met about your company. Do you cover India? - we are thinking of going there next! Very best wishes for success for your company."

Angela Hollingshead: Tailored China Essentials - May 2010

"During the decision making and booking process I felt that nothing was ever too much trouble and that we were receiving good advice from the word go.

On the trip everything went like clockwork! We felt that all the guides were extremely helpful - the 4 girls were particularly friendly. We would like you to let their bosses know what excellent ambassadors for China they all are! It was a brilliant trip - never to be forgotten!

Michael Farquhar & Family: Tailor Made China - April 2010

"Fantastic service to help organise our trip. Chris listened to our requirements and built an excellent preliminary itinerary. We then had the ability to tweak various aspects, particularly to include some activities relevant to our children, before finalising arrangements. At all times nothing was too much trouble. An incredible (and somewhat challenging) country. The sights and the contrasts are amazing. Chris - you did a terrific job of organising for us which took away a lot of the hassle-factor. Many thanks!!"

Ian & Margaret Gray:  Tailor Made China - March 2010

"It was a fairly last minute decision to go to China, and the speed at which arrangements were made was excellent. Queries via email were answered virtually immediately, and many useful suggestions made.

Thanks very much for the Trip Guidebooks. They were really comprehensive and we used them a lot. All the accommodation was excellent. You were right when you suggested a comfy base would be a good idea.

The guides were all good, and gave a really good insight into Chinese culture and history.

We've found China a fascinating country, full of contrast in every aspect. Your service removed any potential annoying hindrances to our enjoyment."

Manoj Patel:  Tailor Made China - March 2010

"From the day I booked my family's trip to China, you did look after us. One word boils down about your efficient service is your honesty and sincerity.

About China, we found people helpful and friendly. We shall remember our China tour forever. The guides and drivers were helpful and friendly. Again credit goes to you for organising the tour for us.

Overall the trip exceeded my expectations. We learnt about the culture. The guides allowed me to take photos at my pace. In fact all of them encourage me to spend more time in taking photos. We shall treasure our memories of China forever."