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Below you will find some feedback from our China clients who travelled with us in 2011. On request we can put you in touch with past clients to discuss their experience of our services.




John & Becky Walsh: China Tailor Made - December 2011

"Thanks for the email, Merry Christmas and what a trip we've had! It was an awesome adventure and faultless in the execution without losing the feel of still being in the real China - thank you!!

A very flexible and professional service, everything thought of and made to feel like your only customer throughout the whole experience.

The trip was like backpacking without any of the hassle and more luxury yet still experiencing the real China.

We would both thoroughly recommend China Travel Company with no hesitation to anyone who asked, an extremely memorable adventure of a lifetime!"

Katherine Moore: China Tailor Made - November 2011

"The trip was very well put together, and all questions etc were handled very quickly and personally. It was great to have a pick up, really takes the worry out of finding your way around, and the drivers were really good and safe - which is a always a nice thing in China!!

All of the guides were very good; very knowledgable and were very obliging. They were great and answering any questions and to fit in any requests such as finding ATMs or taking breaks along the way. Lexie in Chengdu had to wait a very long time for us due to the delayed flight, and it was much appreciated. All the hotels were excellent - all in excellent locations and with great service. Great tours; good speed so that we saw a lot but were not ever rushed.

An excellent trip; I have self publish a book about the trip we took with you which you can preview here:  http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3030084"

Elizabeth Nicholas: PG-10 Essence of China - November 2011

"Everything was well arranged before we left and we felt comfortable and well cared for while there. There was a lot fitted in but at no point did we feel exhausted but just keen to explore more. This was fantastically arranged apart from a few minor things which did not spoil our trip in the slightest."

Su Mei Liu: PG-10 Essence of China - November 2011

"This was the second time I have had a tour of China (first one was in a large group, more coach trip like and visited slightly different cities) and it was much better by way of hotel choices and the transfers. Some of the guides were better than before and it was much easier to communicate with them and felt we had more time to take in the sights. Thank you very much again for arranging a great trip!"

Mark Bennett & Maureen Coyne: China & Tibet Tailor Made - November 2011

"I was really impressed with the speed of response to my questions, willingness to change the itinerary and the destination advice. We loved the holiday, especially Tibet, I've always wanted to go to the Himalayas and see Mount Everest.  The view as we reached the top of Pang La was amazing, a perfectly clear blue sky with a blanket of clouds sitting low in the valley. The tented camp at Everest was gone so we stayed at Rombuk, that was fine as we had a room to ourselves so we took the blankets from the spare beds to keep us warm! The tibet guide Lukdhar was brilliant, he couldn't do enough for us.

The trip was amazing, thank you for making it go smoothly and you support while we were in China. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. Anyway, back to sorting and editing the 1300+ photos I took!"

Eugene Salegui and Geneieve Blanchard - China & Tibet Tailor Made - October 2011

"Trip planning was effortless (for us). Our several request for changes were met with a seasoned, professional acceptance. Easy and welcoming.

Our Beijing transfer guide, Cici, coddled us from the hotel to the railway car, and wouldn't leave the train until we confirmed that we were comfortably installed.

In Lhasa, we were met by Namgyal who did the transfer and became our tour guide. He immediately adopted us and never! let go. He even went so far as to direct the Railway Police to help with my brother's bags, because he wasn't allowed into the area. They followed his direction (!!) He was prompt and cheery, smart and amusing.

When we visited Potala Palace, we expressed concern that my brother, who suffers with Parkinson's, might not be able to do the stairs. Namgyal was undaunted and pronounced that we would go slowly. He held Eugene's hand all the way, like honorable grandfather, and we made the complete tour.

Although not assigned to take us to departing flight, he arrived at our hotel on departure day, and insured that the transfer guide, Nobu, knew how to take care of us. Above and beyond!!!! A special adventure. We will be boring our friends for months.

We always felt secure because of the diligence of the local guides and knowing you were mothering us remotely. Worry free. A fascinating experience in a far-removed world, figuratively and literally."

Feedback photo from Eugene Salegui

David Benson: China & Tibet Tailor Made - October 2011

"We are back in Oregon after a fantastic trip....literally a "once in a lifetime experience". We were very thankful we had transfers. Getting to and from the train stations and airports would be very challenging without assistance. All our tickets, etc. were available at every stop. A great trip and we are very happy we did it. You were excellent in planning the trip and provided us with great help."

Mick and Heather Mundy: China Tailor Made - October 2011

"I will complete the feedback - you are without doubt the King. We had a fabulous time in a fabulous country - we are already providing PR for you!! Everything worked perfectly (except a slight hiccup in Pingyao - not really a problem - part of the experience). What a trip!!! We loved the personalised book and used it as a diary to add our own comments and to let us know what day it was - easy to lose track of time. We showed it to people on our travels - all v. impressed as were we. Thanks for everything - our next big trip is Central America - Costa Rica et al."

Ludovic Fiquet: China Tailor Made - October 2011

"Very impressed with the personalised guide, which had loads of interesting information, useful recommendations for restaurant. Having the chinese written names for hotels, restaurants, museum made a huge difference when using taxis. It will be a very nice memento of our tour. We had a great time, have been pleasantly surprised by China and would happily go again."

Andrew and Lorraine Haizelden: China Tailor Made - October 2011

"The willingness to ensure our trip was the best we could have was evident in the changes you pushed through for us.

All the guides were knowledgeable and better still tailored the amount of information they fed us to what we wanted-there was no information overload but questions were always answered.

In Beijing, Han in particular went out of his way, even lending us his camera and organising getting the photos transferred to our card.

The Trip Guidebook you gave us caused a few raised eyebrows amongst the travellers we met along the way. One couple had 4 x A4 sheets of single sided paper for a trip twice as long, they were not amused."

Stephen Nash: China Tailor Made - October 2011

"We had a great time in China and will fill in your feedback form soon. So much to look back on although we are still in the middle of the adventure at the moment. Jakarta was quite a culture shock after the organisation of Shanghai. Last night on the Bund was great and we also experienced a great Chinese restaurant. Well done on the way the tour is organised. Unforgettable experience which lived up to our hopes and expectations. Always interesting and exciting. I particularly like the way it can be tailored to what you want and is flexible."

Trish & Mick: Tailored Garden Tour - October 2011

"The holiday was great and more than what we expected in so many ways.  I was going to come back to you as soon as we got back but what with jet lag and a full week back to work - it just didn't happen! We were really pleased with the service you provided to us from the start and the guidebook was invaluable.  The trip lived up to our expectations and we would have no hesitation recommending you to friends - thanks again."

Michael Carty: China Tailor Made - October 2011

"Accommodation was above and beyond what I expected in all places that we stayed, even including the sleeper trains which were surprisingly comfortable. The whole trip was fantastic and gave a great insight to various provinces around China. A perfect way to see the country with not a minute wasted, would highly recommend."

Fiona Stephens: China Tailor Made - October 2011

"I'm a bit of a worrier/control freak, and since I was going with 6 boys, I had questions about everything!! I just want to say an extra THANK YOU to yourself for all your hard work and dedication in planning this trip for us, with all my incessant emails and changes of plans which were out of your control. All handled quickly, smoothly with immense patience and always in our favour! Faultless!!! Having come back, I realised there is no way we could have done any of what we did without you! Two days in each place was the perfect amount of time to experience the highlights. If money was no object, it would have been nicer to stay longer in Beijing, perhaps a week, as it was much more spread out than the other cities with so much to see. We had an amazing time, and we owe that to your fantastic company and tour guides who work for you. Again, Wu was just fantastic! He made our trip to Beijing spectacular! I really can't praise him enough!!
Many thanks again Chris, I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wanting to travel to this wonderful part of the world. We saw a lot of larger companies, with large crowds (around 50 per tour guide) and the had to follow a flag, or a teddy on a stick! We blended in a lot more with our tour guides, none of whom thankfully carried flags or teddies!! Very embarrassing, and impersonal! Ours in comparison were far better."

Alan Henry: SG-06 Beijing to Kathmandu - October 2011

"Sorry for delay, just back yesterday from Nepal. Everything went very well thanks, we were very please how things were organised. Your Customer service was superb - every email was replied to almost immediately and always in good detail. Thanks again you were very helpful in arranging all. Really enjoyed the trip."

Rachel Web: China Tailor Made - September 2011

"You gave excellent advise and added suggestions that really helped me make my mind up about what to include/exclude in our tailor made holiday. It was a great trip that ran really smoothly. Thanks for all your help!"

Ken & Monica Watt: China Tailor Made - September 2011

"We had a fabulous time thanks to the superb service we received from The China Travel Company. All events and transfers went like clockwork. Without exception, our guides were friendly, cordial, respectful, flexible, knowledgeable and extremely helpful, frequently going out of their way to ensure that our experience was enjoyable, comfortable and memorable.

BTW. Do you offer similar services for other countries in the Far East? We are thinking Japan, Korea and Vietnam? Thanks again for your great service. Highly! recommended and we will spread the word. Bravo!!"

William Skinner: Tailored Self-Guided Adventure - September 2011

"We had the most amazing trip and can’t thank you enough for your help in organising it. We will try and get around to providing you some more feedback in due course and filling out your feedback form."

Alasdair Mac Allister: Tailored Self-Guided China - September 2011

"Just back from our unforgettable trip thank you. Fantastic, the guides where 1st class, particularly Mr Wu in Beijing and Wie Liang Liang in Guilin. I just wish I had more time especially in Guilin, what amazing countryside, we cycled for over 9 hours and I could have happily spent the whole two weeks there. The subway in Beijing is brilliant and so cheap and Shanghai must be the perfect shopping centre.

I could go on and on about how great the hotels where, how pleasant, happy and gentle the people are, the sights, sounds and smells so different to our own but just to say I would highly recommend your company to anyone travelling to China a great job well done, thanks again."

Miranda White: PG-01 Taste of China - September 2011

"Our trip exceeded all expectations! China is a fascinating country and we learnt so much from our guides - Jack in Beijing, Lisa in Xian and Lulu in Shanghai. There were all extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to look after us.

We would definitely use The China Travel Company to book a return trip, as the customer service we have received went well beyond the level of service we could have expected from a larger travel company. You were always quick to respond to our (many!) questions before we travelled and all the trip arrangements went very smoothly.

The hotels were also excellent and well chosen, in particular in Beijing and Shanghai the hotels were excellently located to explore on foot in our free time."

Kate & Brian Partington: China Tailor Made - September 2011

"We are back home now - a little jaded but not too bad considering our 29 hour journey home from Yangshou. What a totally amazing trip. We have travelled extensively on 4 continents and always independently, but needed to have this trip organised because of the Tibet segment. After considerable research, reviewing the website and reading other clients’ reviews we selected The China Travel Company.

Our trip included Tibet and a Yangtze cruise as well as the usual highlights of China. From the beginning Chris impressed us with his fast response to our questions and the way he worked with us preparing our perfect itinerary. We were extremely impressed with the personalised trip guidebook and read it several times. The organisation of the guides and drivers was superb and they were always on time and very knowledgeable.

We do have to single out our guide in Tibet-“Sting” who was fantastic and took us on some really interesting hill walks in addition to the regular tourist sites.

The 3 and 4 star hotels were situated in excellent locations so that we could get out on our own when we had free time. For anyone including Shanghai in their itinerary the Chinese Acrobat show is not to be missed.

We can unreservedly recommend Chris and The China Travel Company. We only wish you covered other countries but realise that would not be easy given the extreme detail you put into the planning of each trip. Thanks so much for making this vacation such a wonderful experience."

Feedback photo from partingtons

Caroline Orr: PG-07 Taste of China & Tibet - September 2011

"We were delighted with your service. You were always punctual with your replies to our various requests and although we were initially disappointed not to get a reservation on the train from Beijing to Lhasa it all turned out well as we had two additional days in Tibet. You were right, it would have been a great shame to have missed going there. It was the best and most memorable part of the trip for me. The trip was exactly what I had hoped - especially wonderful to experience Tibet with my daughter."

Robin Creswell & Family: China Family Tour - August 2011

"A warm and heartfelt "thank you" from all the family.  This was the trip of a lifetime, a surprise around every corner, experiences we could not have imagined, and enough going on day in and day out to keep everyone enthralled.  Although demanding, for a family with a sense of adventure this is an outstanding family holiday and it really is an adventure. I am keen to promote travel to China, it's the only way people here can really grasp what is going on there and how China will influence our lives in the future.  It has really focused our children's thoughts on their education and the need to be competitive beyond these shores.

I cannot fault this trip, it was OUTSTANDING, especially for a family. There was plenty of the "real China" and "Old China" to see and we certainly got under the surface of the country. It was appropriately challenging in parts, demanding, and rewarding. I think every day there were surprises and our expectations were exceeded so often, for example the shows we went to see, which might have disappointed, were excellent. We covered much ground, but with a young family this worked well, there was no time to get bored!"

Nisa Patel: China Tibet & Nepal Tailor Made - August 2011

"I would like to say a massive thank you to you for everything you did for Hamel and I, we had an amazing trip, apart from the Chengdu transfer issue everything went according to plan. When you plan a big trip you expect issues, we were both very surprised at how minimal they were.

I would and have already recommended your company to friends, family who plan a trip to China and Tibet. Please let me know if you decide to expand on other parts of the world!"

Dagmar Bailey: China Tailor Made - August 2011

"We've returned a few days ago from China and I wanted to say thank you for organising this trip for us. It all worked very smoothly and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. During the booking process our requirements and suggestions were taken into consideration when the agenda was put together. I really appreciated the proposed variations.

I liked that all received payments were confirmed, we were kept appraised of all changes and the trip guide book arrived as promised (which by the way was praised by the various guides). I felt that Chris behaved in a very professional and friendly manner. All together I can’t think of a single thing which could be improved.

I will highly recommend your services and have no hesitation to use you again."

Sarah & Steve Fisher: SG-08 Taste of China - August 2011

"I'm just sending this email to say how much we enjoyed our trip to China. The guides were very good, particularly Sam in Guilin/ Yangshuo who was exemplary, as was Mr Wu in Beijing. We are definitely going to go again to visit some of the other parts of China that we didn't have time for this time."

Ness Norman & Family: China Family Tour - August 2011

"Thank you so much for coordinating such a fabulous holiday.  It all went really well and we had great guides and thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Martyn Proctor: China Tailor Made - August 2011

"Thanks for organising this trip – it went perfectly, not one hitch, and we thoroughly enjoyed it and now have a glimpse of how this amazing country moved from thousands of years of autocratic Emperors through communism to this state monitored sort of capitalism driving wealth inwards and changing lives so quickly. Brilliant.

If you’re interested, photos highlights can be seen on  facebook here

If it helps, I’m happy to speak to people (preferably via email at first) on our experience: I did research first, discussed trips with 3-4 specialists, selected yourselves and was very pleased and would recommend you to others: even the guides thought your A5 itinerary book was excellent!"

Proctor photo 

Claire Alderson: Eastern Explorer - July 2011

"You were was really helpful with the booking and answering "silly" questions about trains. Out of the 6 trips I've booked this summer this was the easiest and had the least problems (none in fact). Really enjoyed the trip and the arrangements all worked like clockwork. Thanks very much!"

Milly Serpell & Family: Tailored China Family Tour - July 2011

"I did try and fill in the online comments but failed miserably. We had the best time and loved all the guides and hotels trip and train rides - highlight has to be Great Wall, Forbidden City and Pandas. Loved it all but only wish we had more time in places as we were exhausted at the end of it! Thank you for all your assistance it was a wonderful family holiday."

Louise Hemming: SG-07 China Tibet Express - July 2011

"Sadly I'm back at work today but just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for organising such a great trip to China and Tibet. We felt very special and well looked after whilst retaining a good level of independence.

The trip was excellent and very well organised.It covered all the places we wanted to see. Even though the Chinese authorities kept the Tibet border closed longer than originally notified, Chris re organised flights and hotels so that we still made it there.
It was all amazing and we were able to see all the things we wanted to, as well as chill out in Yangshuo. Also wanted to say an extra thanks for making the necessary adjustments and ensuring that we could go to Tibet. It was possibly the highlight of the trip although it really is difficult to pick out one thing as everywhere was amazing in it's own way.
The major trauma for me is that the memory card in my camera crashed on the last night in Tibet and so far I have been unable to find a camera shop who can access any of the photos. I am consoling myself that I have the memories in my mind's eye. Thanks again for all your fantastic organisation."

Dubravka Pokrajac: PG-05 Yangtze Discovery - July 2011

"The response to all our requests and questions was incredibly fast, and very professional. It is very good because one then expects similarly smooth running of the trip itself. This is how it worked for us. All the guides were very professional, spoke good English, and were very interesting people to meet. Having the opportunity to have direct, almost one-to-one conversation with the guides is one of the best aspects of the private guided tour, I greatly enjoyed it.

The trip was amazing, it covered many different aspects of China. It was also entirely hassle free, we did not need to worry about anything. This is ideal way to travel if one has little time and wants to remain relaxed while travelling."

Catherine Walker: PG-05 Yangtze Discovery - July 2011

"Last minute booking as another travel company had cancelled our trip. Extremely quick and efficient service. Personalised booklet arrived and had invaluable information we used to prepare for our trip and used during our trip too. All the transfers were efficient and we could relax knowing it had all been taken care of for us.

We had excellent English speaking guides throughout. We learned so much about China from them. All were pretty flexible with us and no pressure if we decided to do our own thing now and then.

I thought the trip was very good value considering this was a private tour. A holiday we will always remember."

Michael Carbutt: China Tailor Made - July 2011

"Service provided during booking was very prompt and professional. This was my first introduction to China, and it was a fascinating experience. Generally the trip went well and easily, with no problems of any significance. Thanks for putting together my holiday - I had a great experience of China, and will go back some time!"

Inga and Ben Voss: China Tailor Made - June 2011

"We received good advice during the booking Process and service coverage before and during the Trip was good. The accommodation chosen for us was great. My husband particularly liked the Chinese Style Hotels. There was no need to upgrade in any of the places we stayed in and we were pleased by the services provided in each location. The Hotel in Shanghai was ideally located for such a big city."

Gerard Higham: China Tailor Made - June 2011

"It was good for my wife and daughter that most guides were female and could chat about other things besides the various trips. If any family or friend said they were thinking of visiting China I would strongly recommend your company."

Joao and Joana Tome: Silk Road Explorer - May 2011

"Preparation of our tailor made trip for about 3 weeks in China Far West went very smoothly and we always received suggestions to what we intended to do. We will no doubt recommend The China Travel Company to our friends! Travelling in this remote part of China is not easy and the small problems we encountered were promptly resolved by Chris back in UK and or Lin in Beijing."

Robert MacWhannell: SG-08 China Taster - May 2011

"Trip of a lifetime - wonderful itinerary, well paced so that it felt like an adventure but still comfortable. Will be recommending you to any friends that want a trip around China! Thanks again for a fantastic trip."

Bruce Bromage: SG-01 China Express - May 2011

"An ideal one week itinerary which was very well organized and definitely exceeded our expectations. We will certainly recommend it to friends."

Barbara Jankowiak & Charles Gauci: Beijing & Xian Tailor Made - May 2011

"Hello! Just back from China. It was a fantastic experience; everything went smoothly; the hotels, travel arrangements  & guides were excellent; the guides went out of their way to help us and nothing was too much trouble for them.  Please let them know that we were very happy with their services.
Our guides were great. Amy in Xian and Ken in Beijing. They attitude showed to us how much "CAN DO" nation Chinese people are. The Trip Guidebook was very helpful, it will remain as one of many souvenirs of this trip."

Ian Bennet & Family: PG-04 taste of China & Yangtze - April 2011

"I was a little apprehensive about booking such an expensive holiday on-line from a company that I had not heard of before. But everything exceeded my expectations. Having the guides take us all the way to the next transfer really helped. Especially the train stations. Particular credit to Cookie in! Beijing, she worked really hard and felt like part of the family.

I wasn't sure what to expect from 3 and 4 star ratings in China, they were all very good and the locations were outstanding. The whole experience was excellent and several people I know are interested in trying it out for themselves! Thank you."

Hilary Lawrence: SG-08 China Taster - April 2011

"Having left our holiday plans until the last minute we were stunned at how quickly and how well it was all put together.

The guides were just brilliant. Knowledgeable and friendly. But a special mention has to be made for Julie in Guilin/Yangshuo. She was so enthusiastic and went out of her way to ensure we got everything we wanted from the area. We spent our free time with her, she's an absolute treasure and while she may not be the most knowledgeable yet, if she continues to care about her clients the way she does then she can only be a great asset to your company. I'd like to add that I'm a crotchety old sort and don't take to many people, just in case you thought I might be a soft-hearted type!

All the tours were excellent. We have been blown away by China as a whole but that is partly due to the fact that we had our own guide for each one and each guide had a passion for their own areas. It made it all really special. The fabulous book you gave us became our Bible!! So much useful information, we used it every day and we read and used every single page.

I really don't know how to evaluate the trip overall. It was the best holiday I've ever had and I've had a fair few. Doing it by train was fantastic and we met some brilliant people from all around the world. The sights of China are ones you will never forget. The scenery is dramatic and beautiful, the food is fresh and mouthwatering, the people are helpful and humorous, the things you see take your breath away and you just know that one day you'll have to go back for more. Oh....the beer's good too.

We've laughed with people even when we couldn't speak each others language and we've cried at the beauty of things such as the Impression show by Sanjie Liu in Yangshuo. I could go on but how do you describe the indescribable??? THANK YOU SO MUCH."

Katherine Sage: China & Tibet - April 2011

"We had the most fantastic time - Lhasa was a particular highlight. The China Travel Company made it really easy and everything worked like clockwork. Thank you Chris. We have already recommended your services!"

Hugh & Alison Durell: China Tailor Made - April 2011

"The best holiday we have ever had in our lives. It is definitely the way to see and learn about the proper China. A careful balance of seeing the people and sights and local but comfortable hotels with good facilities and we would recommend you to anyone - a beautifully thought out tour."

Bella Lisovitskaya & Family: China Family Tour - April 2011

"The quality of your website is very good. That was the 1st reason why I  chose your company at the very beginning while searching through the many options on the Internet. The customer service, information provided, feedback, everything before the trip was above the expectations. I always had a feeling that a person who knows China, who is really professional works with me.

All the transfers were on time, the guides were always waiting for us in the airport. The cars, the drivers, the service, etc. were excellent. The vehicles were always clean. All the guides were very friendly, were trying to provide as much information as they possibly could. We always felt very safe and secure. Thank you.

We enjoyed our trip from the moment we started to plan it till the very end. During the whole trip we didn't have a chance to complain even once. It was a real tailor made trip and we felt that we were treated this way. You have done a fantastic job and we all very much appreciate and are thankful for that. We'll definitely recommend your company to our friends."

Ray & Judith: China Tailor Made - April 2011          

"Just arrived back after our holiday and a quick note to thank you and The China Travel Company for a fantastic holiday with an excellent itinerary and perfectly executed throughout. We have really enjoyed the time and packed such a lot in, seeing such a variety of places."

Marija Bichan & Family: China Family Tour - April 2011

"We had an amazing time. The children loved it and we learned so much from the guides. It just made it so stress free. Everything was incredibly well organised and it made it so much easier to travel around. Thank you !!

We were picked up at each airport/train station on time and the drivers and cars were of an v good quality. Most impressed. Not late for anything. SO WELL ORGANISED. I could not fault any of the guides. They were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They had v good suggestions for other things to do and visit. Oliver was just the best.

I think this holiday ranks as one of the best holidays we have ever had and there are so many special memories we now have (some of them just hilarious). The guides were particularly good. Thank you so very much.

I had been initially concerned, as I could not find any independent reviews on the internet, so I posted the one on trip advisor just now."

Janet and David Milburn: PG-04 taste of China & Yangtze - April 2011

"Apologies for not writing sooner but I have had a very busy time since returning from our fabulous holiday in China. I'd like to send you a huge thank you for organising it all so well. Everything went without a hitch - we were met at every station/airport punctually and by extremely lovely and interesting people.

Guides that stand out as very special and who enhanced our experience were Wu in Beijing - he was so welcoming and intelligent and informed. He obviously works hard to bring additional interest and knowledge to the job which in turn made our experience far more enjoyable. The other guide was Jim - who met us in Chengdu and took us to see the Pandas. It was obvious that he really enjoyed doing this trip himself and was keen to photograph the Pandas as much as we were - which was great for us as sometimes the guides can get tired of seeing the same thing in their line of work! To us, it was our first encounter of Pandas and he made it very special.

The personalised handbook was excellent,including relevant and useful information, for example the guidance on tipping.

All the hotels were great and everything went without a hitch. We would have gladly stayed out there for much longer. We have already recommended you and your company to others interested in travelling to China. Once again, we send you a huge thanks."

Áine Dowling & Mum! : China Tailor Made - March 2011

"Just a huge thanks for answering all my questions so well. And also the advice about doing multiple days on the wall, it was a tough 2 days and we really looked forward to our sleep in the next day.

All of our guides were really lovely people. The two ladies we had in Xi'an(Li) and Chengdu(Susan) were fantastic and we had a really nice time with them. Didn't think I'd like it being a solo traveller but it was a treat to be collected and still have our own time to see what we wanted. Really enjoyed it (except the food but that's a family joke not sure why Mum agreed to come!) and would definitely tell her friends. She loved the private driver and guides and everything was at her pace. Thanks so much for making the trip easier for me :-D"

Vicky & Simon White: China Tailor Made - March 2011

"The best pre-trip support we had on our 3 month trip around the world, Chris listened to what we asked for and provided a tour tailored to our every request. Despite our numerous requests to re-work the itinerary he responded promptly and nothing was ever too much trouble.

We were always met promptly upon our arrival at a location, even if it was 5am! and the transport to and from each airport or train station was always comfortable and clean. The guides were always there to help, and attended to any request we made of them. Their English was excellent. Every tour exceeded our expectations, we have nothing but good things to say about the amazing things we saw and did.

The Trip Guidebook you gave us is best idea ever! Great reference material for reading on long train journeys, and a good point and smile tool for communication!

Thank you so much for what you did, not just booking the trip, but in your advice and guidance in the preparation phases. China was always the heart of why we went away for 3 months, and everything we did and saw exceeded our expectations. It was without doubt the highlight of our 3 month 10 country tour, and has left us keen to return and explore everything else we have now discovered. Not only would we recommend you, we will use you again."

Feedback photos from the Whites

Feedback photos from the Whites

Owen & Cathy Finnie: China Tailor Made - March 2011

"Just a quick e-mail to say we had a fantastic trip that surpassed our expectations. A truly memorable experience. Lee did a great job on Cathy's birthday, arranging a surprise cake and champagne that made my wife's day. From the start very helpful correspondence - all questions and queries answered promptly. Excellent advice and service that took into consideration our particular circumstances. Also the guides were outstanding. They were flexible, provided a friendly and very professional service and really brought our trip to life. An excellent service. Overall a trip of a lifetime! We loved it. Thanks for all your assistance! "

Clifford Bowles Family: China Family Tour - February 2011

"I just wanted to thank you for organising such a memorable trip for us all. The advice on the places to go was perfect for us all and in particular the children who loved their time in China. Booking with you was unusually easy. A superb trip & would (have!) already recommended others to use you...! think my colleague's family already in touch with you & about to send ! others to you i think. really good thanks for a superb holiday! Thank you again."

Laura Brocklesby: SG-01 China Express - January 2011

"The booking process was easy, and the booklet we received relating to the trip was really useful. The transfers at each stage of the trip were very easy, and everything ran very smoothly. Overall we had a fantastic time. The logistics were so smooth that we never had to worry about anything so we just enjoyed our time even more. We came away feeling that we had seen everything that we wanted to see without feeling rushed, and feeling that we had had time to experience each location."