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about The China Travel Company TCTC



The founder of The China Travel Company, Chris Stanley, lived in China for over 10 years managing a travel company based in Beijing.

Over those years he travelled extensively throughout China and never ceased to be surprised at what this extraordinary country had to offer. So many of the amazing experiences and sights he encountered were practically unheard of outside of China.

When Chris returned to the UK he made it his mission to introduce both China's familiar must see sights as well as those of tomorrow to those who are interested in learning more about China than just the snapshot headlines that fill today’s media.

Despite 5,000 years of recorded civilisation, in modern times China is still a relatively new destination for travellers. China tours are still dominated by poor quality group tours but we do not offer that with all our trips being private and in many cases tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. We find this a rewarding way to work and believe our clients do as well.

The trips we offer will give the curious traveller a better understanding of what this spectacular and often misrepresented country has to offer.

We sincerely hope that you will join us on our continuing China adventure!



“Our aim is always first and foremost to give our clients a well thought out, smoothly organised and rewarding experience of this endlessly fascinating and diverse country that has so much to offer visitors.”

Chris Stanley
Founder TCTC
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