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chinese food and regional cuisine


Chinese cuisine is renowned all around the world for it's gastronomical complexity as well as containing pretty much anything edible you can think of as well as plenty you'd never even imagined! No China tour would be complete without trying at least one or two dishes you've never heard of. There are eight traditional culinary styles within China so take your pick from the list and why not even plan your holiday to China by this regional guide:

Cantonese from the Guangdong region, one of the most recognized cuisines worldwide and centered around "Dim Sum". Anhui cuisine which comes from the Huangshan mountain area and has a lot of braised and stewed dishes centered around local crops such as mushrooms and bamboo.

Hot & Spicy Hunan Cuisine

Hunan cuisine is hot and spicy and involves various techniques such as pot-roasting, frying and stewing using the many local varieties of ingredients. Zhejiang cuisine which includes the sub section styles of Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo and Shanghai. These are non-greasy soft flavored dishes.

Fujian cuisine contains a mix of edible fungi and plenty of seafood options relating to it's coastal location. Shandong cuisine contains wide variety of techniques as well as plenty of seafood. A food style favored by those from North China but less enjoyed in the South. Jiangsu cuisine is one of the major parts of Chinese cuisine and is well regarded all around the world for its style and flavour.

Sichuan Cuisines love affair with chilli & garlic

Sichuan cuisine has strong, bold peppery flavours and uses plenty of chillies and garlic. It has many dry dishes and often contains the very distinctive Sichuan Peppercorn or "huajiao". Whatever your tastes, Chinese food has something for you so don't forget to be adventurous when next visiting China on holiday.

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Article posted by Phil Stanley: 7th May 2013

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