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chinese people and minorities


One thing that you'll undoubtedly notice on a tour around China is the mix of different cultures and peoples that exist within what is known as the People's Republic of China. 56 different ethnic groups are recognized by the authorities although in reality these split into many different subsections from there.

The ethnic majority of Chinese people are the Han Chinese, compromising of approximately 91.5% of the population. The other 8.5% is made up of the remaining 55 ethnic minorities. The Zhuang of Guangxi province in the south of China are the next biggest ethnic group with only 18 million people.

Yunnan Province is home to at lest 17 minorities

One of the places you are most likely to travel to on your China tour that will give you a taste of many different ethnic groups is Yunnan province with at least 17 different minorities living there. This, in itself, makes Yunnan one of the most interesting areas to visit on your holiday not to mention the fabulous scenery and lush, dramatic environment.

Xinjiang and
Tibet are the only two provinces in China that don't have a Han Chinese majority and this makes them feel quite different to the rest of China and this is instantly obvious to tourists who are willing to move a little more "off the beaten track" with their China holiday.

All in all, make sure you take a bit of time during your trip around China to encounter the less well known members of the population of China. Whether they be the Manchu in the North East or the Naxi in the South West, the Hui Muslims or the Tibetan Buddhists, you'll undoubtedly discover another side to China and your trip will be enriched by it.

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Article posted by Phil Stanley: 17th May 2013

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