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Train services in China, much like everything else in the country, have undergone a major overhaul in recent years leaving the country with a system that would be the envy of many a country. There has been criticism of whether the system is really needed but for those wishing to take tours in China and aren't keen on having to keep jumping on and off planes and all the rigmarole caused by going through airports, this should be good news.

High speed rail travel links across China

"I don't fancy those long overnight train journeys though! " I hear you cry! Well fear not, this is all about high-speed rail travel or HSR. The Chinese government have not held back on spending big on major high speed rail links that are designed to cross this vast country. There are 4 major lines under construction running from North to South and another 4 from East to West.

Many sections of these lines are already open with
Beijing and Shanghai now being linked in around 5 hours, this is on a par with door to door flight times and definitely a trip worth considering when you are booking your next China holiday. Perhaps the most impressive of all is the Beijing to Guangzhou section, this 1,200 mile journey can now be done in 8 hours, pretty amazing when you consider the shorter service between New York and Miami in USA takes 30 hours!

So next time you're booking a China tour package, why not consider the HSR as a great way to travel around the Middle Kingdom? If travelling at 300km/h wasn't enough to get you excited then maybe some of the extra views that you will get from the train will make this new form of travel the one you use on your holiday. It certainly seems to be the future of train travel in China.

You can view the rollout schedule for high speed train in China by clicking here.

Article posted by Chris Stanley: 23rd April 2013

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