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Making the right hotel selection for your trip is vital in ensuring the trip goes smoothly and a well-considered hotel selection can really enhance the overall enjoyment of your trip.

There are a bewildering number of hotels in China but only a relatively small number which are either foreign traveller friendly or used to dealing with the foreign tourists. What look like good hotels may not be in suitable locations. Then there is the added concern in China of inconsistent star rating with many 4 and 5* hotels not living up to their ratings in reality.
Consequently, it is well worth the time to do some research or at least use an agent (us!) who has already done the legwork for you!
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  ► CHINA TIP   It is well worth checking any hotels on review sites such as TripAdvisor to get a good all round view of people’s opinions.  


The vast majority of hotels in China are functional, modern and often part of local or international chains whose standards are good. However, where we can we prefer to use hotels of character and there are a growing amount of hotels built in the Chinese

Traditional Style which are of high standard and are far more of a memorable experience leaving you in no doubt that you are in China! Do let us know if you prefer this type of hotel over the modern variety.


china trip planning accomodation traditional hotels



The hotel star rating system in China can be quite inconsistent with 5* hotels sometimes being not as good as a decent 3* hotel and vice versa.

Consequently, local knowledge and having actually visited the hotels is hugely useful in order to make the right decisions.

This is something we spend a lot of (quite dull!) time doing on our regular trips to China as it is essential to look beyond the superficial star rating.

  china trip planning accomodation contemporary hotels


Chinese cities are vast sprawling affairs with populations of 10 million plus common. This makes the location of hotels hugely important to the enjoyment of your trip.

There are a lot of itineraries out there that will be jam packed with 5* hotels but on closer inspection these hotels are often far from the areas you want to be.

Our approach is the location is king and we make sure we only use hotels located exactly where you want to be located.

  china trip planning accomodation contemporary hotels


The hotels used for our trips are from our hand-picked selection and all are excellent for their class. We also offer upgraded hotels in most locations and can, of course, cater for any requests you may have yourself.

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