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Everybody who wants to enter China needs to obtain tourist Chinese visas. There are requirements to get tourist Chinese visas and it’s not a difficult thing to do. It is actually quite easy to get hold of a Chinese tourist visa application form and apply.

Make sure you allow plenty of time before your trip to obtain your visa. Normally, a Chinese visa is issued up to 3 months in advance of travel and is valid for stays of 30 days. You will need to ensure that you have a full blank page in your passport and your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

As at July 2014, you will also need a Chinese tourist visa invitation letter and proof of entry and exit to China along with confirmation of your accommodation and itinerary while in China. If you have problems in obtaining tourist Chinese visas, just visit the nearest Chinese embassy for Chinese visa application assistance for tourists.
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The China Travel Company is affiliated with CIBT VisaCentral.  This specialist visa agency provides a fast and professional service for getting a Chinese tourist visa in the UK or a number of other countries worldwide. For more information on how to obtain Chinese visas for tourists, please click here to visit the CIBT VisaCentral website where you can download various visa packs.
The Chinese visa application form and process is straightforward. We, at the China Travel Company will be happy to help with additional services such as getting a Chinese tourist visa for Hong Kong or looking into the cost of obtaining a tourist visa.

We can give you any additional advice you need. Note that you can only apply for a Chinese visa a maximum of 3 months in advance of your entry date into China in most cases.


You can apply for your Chinese visa directly with the visa department of the Chinese Embassy, which is known as the "Chinese Visa Application Service Centre". This off shoot of the embassy offers a reliable postal service or you can make an appointment at one of their various offices in the UK (London or Manchester) or many other countries around the world. It may appear to be a bit time-consuming, but this is a cheaper way of obtaining a Chinese tourist visa. 


Whenever you travel to another country, there is the possibility that you need to comply with vaccination requirements. However, there aren’t any set requirements for visitors to the main urban cities in China (unless ariving directly from a yellow fever zone) but we recommend that you are up-to-date with standard innoculations such as tetanus and polio. If you wish to visit more remote areas in the country, especially the South of China, you may require certain vaccinations for China. It is best to consult your GP before starting the Chinese visa application process.


If you would like to explore the fantastic province of Tibet, you will require a special Tibet Travel Permit. This document is in addition to your tourist visa to China, but it’s not as easy to obtain. However, if booking your Tibet trip with us, we will complete this process for you once you have finished getting the Chinese tourist visa or if you already have a Chinese residents visa. 


A Nepalese Visa is required by all tourists visiting the sovereign state of Nepal (visited on our Beijing and Lhasa to Kathmandu trips). It is easy to obtain either directly from the Nepalese embassy, through CIBT VisaCentral, or as at July 2014 at the airport in Kathmandu or the China-Tibet land border with Nepal at Kodari.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.