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In most cases there are no specific vaccinations required for China. However,we do strongly suggest that you clarify this with your doctor or a travel clinic in case there are any issues unique to your medical history which may make certain vaccinations advisable. We would like to stress again that the vast majority of people travelling to China have a happy, healthy trip! 

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At immigration on arrival in China you will not be asked to provide proof of any vaccinations unless you have arrived from a country where Yellow Fever exists in which case a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate may be asked for.

Note that malaria protection is not necessary for any of the places usually visited by tourists although insect repellent is advisable for trips in the summer months and destinations in the south of China for much of the year.


Firstly, it is fair enough to say that it is very rare any of our clients experience any health issues whilst in China and if they do it will tend to boil down to a cold picked up on the plane or a mildly upset stomach for a day or so due to the overall change in diet.

As with travel almost anywhere in Asia it is best to stick to bottled water and avoid tap water. If sampling the delights of street food (which is often superb) make sure it is cooked in front of you. The vast majority of Chinese dishes in restaurants are cooked to order and arrive at the table piping hot so rarely present any health issues.
If you do get sick the guides will be there to help and a wide range of basic medicines both from China and the West are widely available for minor ailments.


If you have any particular medical or dietary requirements please do let us know in advance of your trip (note that we do ask for this information on our booking forms). We can cater for almost all situations be it disabilities, diets or specific health issues but we must have been informed of these before you arrive in China.