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Responsible Travel.
Despite huge economic progress in the last few decades China is still a developing country with large numbers of urban and rural poor.

For most people China is a long haul destination and the only practical way to arrive there is by plane. It is possible to carbon offset your flight and you can ask us about more details about this.

Once in China most of your travel is likely to be by train although there are times that flights are used. Where possible we do prefer using trains though.
Unfortunately you will see examples of the downside of China's rapid economic growth on your travels.
In such a vast and populated country what can we do to make a difference? We believe that we can all help a little and take a two pronged approach to this through Cultural Interaction on your trip and practical help to a respected charity focused on Environmental Protection.
Chinese Society and Culture

Responsible Travel is all about cultural understanding and respect; engaging and interacting with the culture you are visiting. This is both fun and rewarding and it is those chance meetings that can really make a holiday special. In your Trip Guide there are a few handy cultural tips to make sure you have the cultural knowledge to get along in China.